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Demonstrating effectiveness – the power of storytelling in 10 points.

A quick-fire recap of our Storytelling for Awards Effectiveness training especially for TBWA colleagues. When you come to write your award entries, this little summary will give you a place to start and a helping hand along the way. But more than just awards, the principles of storytelling can story can help you in many other ways, from

pitch presentations to internal documents. Storytelling can transform your agency-client relationships, unlock investment and secure trust. See how you can apply these 10 steps in your everyday life.

  1. The most successful case studies and award papers start with strong evidence and bring it to life through a compelling story.
  2. The power of storytelling cannot be underestimated. The story is one of the basic tools invented by the human mind for the purpose of gaining, organising and conveying understanding.
  3. Every good story is about Faced with the task of describing lots of facts and detail, many people find it surprisingly hard to pin down just what, exactly, their story is about.
  4. The logline is a Hollywood scriptwriters’ technique for summarising the essence of a story. One sentence containing three things: the hero (who it’s about), the goal, (what they need to achieve) and the enemy/challenge (what they’re up against).
  5. For example: a young man transplanted to the past (hero) must reunite his parents (goal) before he and his future are no more (enemy/challenge).
  6. For a brand it might be something like this: an embattled soft-drinks megabrand must find new ways to remain the world’s number one, in an age in which sugar is under increasing attack.
  7. Every story has a conflict or problem at its heart. Scriptwriters in books, films and TV know that the most powerful way to frame a problem is in the form of a single moment where everything changes. This is known as the inciting incident. It works in effectiveness cases too.
  8. Good stories have a clear structure. For a brand, the structure will be something like this:
  9. When you enter an industry award submission you have to take the principles of storytelling and make your story fit the boxes of a standard entry form. This can be daunting.
  10. A simple way to do it is to start by filling in the entire form using just one sentence per box. Spend time getting your sentences right. When you’re happy, expand each of your sentences into a short paragraph. What you now have is a detailed outline for your full paper.