Sara Jones.

Sara Donoghugh
Sara has over 15 years of econometrics experience behind her, helping clients demonstrate and prove the impact of marketing and communications. Her career includes working in DDB, BSKYB, Mediacom and Data2Decisions.

People are at the heart of business success, whether it’s your internal employees or your customers. Sara’s career has focussed on how she can help organisations understand what levers they have to pull to impact their customers and their employees, and how their behaviour in turn impacts the business.

As an award winning Econometrician Sara has worked client side, in the creative world and in media agencies. Her client base span a range of industries including E-Commerce, Retail and Telecoms, which includes IKEA, TUI, Wrigley, Coca Cola, Kraft and RB.

Sara was an IPA Effectiveness judge in 2008 and again in 2020.