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Getting a Fare Share of Awards in the Not-for-Profit sector

Not-for-Profit advertising is generally underrepresented in the Awards circuit. Yet there is much to learn from this area and even more to celebrate for those working on for-profit, and not-for-profit enterprises.

Take Fare Share the UK charity tackling hunger and food waste. A £10,000 advertising budget attracted celebrity support, a Government U-turn in policy, a yearly donor fund of £3m, as well as helped to divert some of the 2m ton in food waste created yearly, whilst feeding 43,000 children who were going hungry.

This was the topic of the latest IPA Not for Profit Effectiveness Workshop with The Effectiveness Partnership Founding Partner Gurdeep Puri, alongside FareShare UK Head of Marketing James Persad and Global CSO, McCann Worldgroup Harjot Singh held on 25th Jan 2022.

Not-for-profit marketers and their agencies can catch up with this content here…which also offers excellent advice on how to:
– Prove the value of your marketing communication
– Create a skeleton of your marketing effectiveness case
– Understand what to do next, and how to get there

Awards can be an excellent way to unlock further investment, secure agency-client relationships and attract talent and more business as well as celebrate your achievements.

If you need help getting your paper over the line our The Effectiveness Partnership Consultants have experience in authoring, crafting and mentoring 100s maybe even 1000s of successful advertising and marketing effectiveness case papers.

Authored by Warwick Cairns, Strategist and Writer, The Effectiveness Partnership. First published on WARC.com, 2 February 2022