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Chris Baker

Chris Baker, Strategist, The Effectiveness Partnership

Winning Twice

Why win once when you can win twice? One skeleton of a paper, two schemes, multiple rewards.

The Effectiveness Partnership Strategist, Chris Baker, has been Convenor of the IPA Effectiveness Awards – twice. He has authored, won and judged all the major Effectiveness Awards and advised countless number of other entrants on how to enter. In this workshop Chris outlines specifically how to transform a Warc Award for Effectiveness into an IPA Effectiveness Awards.

Chris says “the good news is you are already two thirds of the way there, you have a head start on the rest of the field and you have great chance of success (but don’t get complacent)”!

Chris then goes on to offer practical advice on key differences in the schemes, what builds need to be made, and critically the top tips for winning. A must-watch for anyone who entered Warc in 2021 or is entering this year and wants to capitalise on the effort invested and take part in the IPA Effectiveness Awards as well.

Alongside Chris, IPA Awards Convenor and Global Chief Strategy Officer at McCann, Harjot Singh offers some insight into why you should be entering the IPA Effectiveness Awards and what the judges are looking for in 2022.

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If you need help getting your paper over the line our The Effectiveness Partnership Consultants have experience in authoring, crafting and mentoring 100s maybe even 1000s of successful advertising and marketing effectiveness case papers.

Over the years we have been judges on IPAs, APGs, Effies, Cannes and more. We are also hold titles as Cannes Lions Creative Effectiveness Master, IPA Effectiveness Awards mentors, Euro Effies Advisor and more.